Building Signs: Making a Strong Impression and Amplifying Your Brand

First impressions last—that’s a well-known fact that applies to business interactions. When it comes to businesses, one of the first things that people see is its building sign. Signs can make a great first impression and grow brand recognition or make a poor first impression and scare customers away.

In this blog, we will describe how building signs can help you make the right first impression and grow your brand.

But Before We Begin, “What are Building Signs?”

Signs for buildings are any type of sign that is used to display your business’s name and information outdoors. They can be made of various materials like metal, acrylic, or wood. The signs come in various shapes and sizes, and they may be illuminated. Not all building signs near you are mounted on a building—some are installed on pylons or on the ground. Each building sign you see is a collection of deliberate decisions that come together to introduce a business and convey a message to onlookers.

5 Ways Building Signs Can Make a Big Impression

1. They Can Help Grow Confidence and Credibility

Signs for buildings often generate the first impression that people have of a business. They can communicate a lot about it, such as the name of the business, the type of business, and the quality of the business. Signs can also reflect the industry; for instance, an industrial business is likely to design signs that match its area of business.

2. Building Signs Increase Brand Awareness

Signs are an essential part of a business’s branding strategy, as they increase brand awareness. A well-designed sign can help people remember the name of the business and the type of goods and/or services it offers. The signs are ambassadors for your business, so you should ensure when you look for building signs near you, they can be installed to integrate your brand guidelines.

3. The Signs are Very Customizable

These are some of the most customizable signs you will find! You control every aspect of the design, including but not limited to the style, finish, material, mounting options, and lighting. You’ve heard us say, “Bring your dream signs to life” before—and with our building signs, you really can.

4. Building Signs Improve Navigation

They aren’t just important for branding and advertising; these signs also help improve navigation. Signs can help people find their way to a business even if it’s in a busy city or a large shopping center. Building signs can also help people find the entrance to a business. This can improve the customer experience and make it easier for people to do business with a company.

5. Advertising for Your Business

Get the design right, and you can turn your sign into nearly free advertising for your business. Unlike other forms of outdoor advertising, such as billboards, signage on buildings has only an upfront cost, which means no recurring costs. That makes these signs one of the most cost-effective ways of promoting your business.

Work With the Top Sign Company

Building signs is a powerful and effective marketing tool for your business. To unlock the full potential of your signs, you must work with a team that understands your priorities. Book a free consultation today to discuss your needs with an experienced signage professional.



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