Top-Notch Acrylic Signs Near Portland

What is Acrylic Signage?

Acrylic office signs are innovative and contemporary visual communication tools that are typically installed in your reception area, conference rooms, and other strategic spots within your facility. Corpus Christi Sign Company can print your designs in two ways, surface and subsurface printing. The former is your traditional printing style, wherein the design is laid out on the front of the acrylic sheet. On the other hand, the latter is a unique process of applying the design at the back of the sign panel to create an impressive three-dimensional look. 

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What type of signage are you looking for?

Common Types of Acrylic Signs in Portland

Clear acrylic signage

If you like the clarity and tasteful appearance of glass signs but prefer something more budget-friendly and low-maintenance, we recommend that you get acrylic wall signs instead. The panels made from plexiglass in Portland are not as heavy and are generally easier to put up.

Frosted plexiglass signs

As the name implies, they have an elegant blurred finish. Since frosted acrylic signs have a subdued appearance, they are ideal for highly professional and serious environments, such as government offices, corporate headquarters, and law firms. 

Contour-cut plexiglass in Portland

These custom acrylic signs are trimmed according to the grooves of your design. These add a vibrant and contemporary twist to any space, such as your reception area or conference room.   

Dimensional letters and logos

As your trusted acrylic sign maker, we can also create dimensional signs fabricated from our top-grade acrylic. They are perfect for decorating the most important rooms in your facility.

#1 Acrylic Sign Company in Portland, TX

Corpus Christi Sign Company is not your ordinary acrylic sign printing shop. We offer a complete range of strategically made signage solutions that generate long-term, quantifiable results. Whether you need several frosted wall signs all over your office or a single logo signage, you can count on our Portland team to meet or even exceed your expectations.

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