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Store Front Channel Letters & Lit Shape Signs

Corpus Christi Sign Company channels letters are professionally designed to help you skyrocket your business performance. As a Corpus Christi, Texas, business person, you will never regret choosing our team to handle your business advertisement matters.

Our dedicated team understands the uses of channel letters and how they impact business success. Also, how you expose your brand to the public determines the success you’ll enjoy. So, if you want to capture your target audience’s attention and convince them to trust your products and services, you need eye-catching outdoor signs in Corpus Christi. Check out our options below:


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Our Channel Letter Services

What is a channel letter? Channel letter signs are three-dimensional graphic letters customized to create business brand awareness. For example, if you own a store or a shop in a strip mall, we can make the exterior excellent and attract customers with our channel letters.

Here are the different types of custom channel letter signs we will offer you:

Standard Front-Lit Type

The standard front-lit types are common storefront channel letters among businesses. Our team uniquely approaches the design to ensure your company stands out. We use aluminum on the back and sides of the letters to avoid rusting. On the front, we install acrylic or polycarbonate plastics to catch the attention of people from a distance.

On the other hand, if you already have a business logo, we design color elements with translucent vinyl to effectively expose the brand. Moreover, we ensure the vinyl material matches the standard colors available.

Reverse Channel Letters

Are you a business person who likes a unique, classy, and distinguished brand image? We have you covered with other excellent storefront signs. We design our reverse channel letters by installing aluminum on the front and the returns. Then, we lift the letters off the wall or raceway for the neon or LED lights to glow around each letter. We are confident that the halo effect will attract a higher percentage of potential clients to your business.

Front and Back-Lit Channel Letters

If the reverse and standard front-lit channel letters aren’t a perfect fit for you, we have an ideal combination of both. Maybe you need two different color lights on the front and back to represent your brand in dimensional letters.

We will design the aluminum on the letter sides and a translucent polycarbonate plastic on the front. Then, we will raise the letters from the walls for the backlights to reflect the wall and the front light to illuminate the letter face.

Open Face-Lit Channel Letters

We are ready to offer you what suits your company if you love simplicity. Our team has the fourth channel letter option with an open or transparent face to expose the neon lights if that’s what your business needs. We design the sides and the back with high-quality aluminum.

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