Custom ADA Compliant Signs and Signage

High-Quality ADA Signs in Corpus Christi

Offering ADA-compliant signage to customers and clients is important for a variety of reasons. Aside from the necessity of following regulations and bylaws, it is also crucial that every business prioritizes making its services accessible for everyone. And luckily, providing accessible signage isn’t a difficult thing to do when you work with the right team.

Here in Corpus Christi at Corpus Christi Sign Company, we offer custom ADA signs that can suit the needs of any business. Our offerings include braille signs, raised text signs, and signs that utilize icons and graphics to communicate across language barriers. If you’re ready to get started with your own custom accessible signage, please feel welcome to call today at 361-238-0543 and speak to one of our expert team members about any questions or ideas you may have.


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What Is an ADA Sign?

An ADA sign is a type of sign that uses an alternative method of communication, such as braille or visual graphics, to effectively communicate with people who may not be able to see, hear, or understand traditional forms of business signage. It is vital to provide accessible signage to ensure that your business complies with the ADA and does not discriminate against people with disabilities.

Types Of ADA Signs

There are many types of ADA signs employed to help people with different accessibility needs, including:

ADA braille signs

Braille uses a system of raised characters to allow visually impaired people to touch and read the sign.

Raised text signs

Like braille signs, raised text signs allow visually impaired people to read the sign by touching the characters. These signs are accessible to visually impaired people who are unfamiliar with braille.

Graphic signs

While most customers can be effectively communicated with using a combination of readable letters and braille, you may still encounter language barriers that harm accessibility. Providing easy-to-understand graphics ensures that everyone can navigate, regardless of what languages they speak.

Cost of ADA Signs

As with any other custom signage, installing ADA-compliant signs is an investment. While the cost of ADA signs ultimately depends on the scope and specifications of your project, we can confidently say that every ADA sign installation quickly pays for itself.

Aside from the protection that complying with ADA signage regulations provides businesses from costly legal fees, it’s also safe to say that providing a space where every customer or client feels welcome and accommodated is enough to make the investment worthwhile alone.

Custom ADA Signage in Corpus Christi By Corpus Christi Sign Company

Here at Corpus Christi Sign Company, we’re proud to serve the Corpus Christi community and to create signage solutions that our clients can be proud of. As a local business, we’re dedicated to our community, and seeing our clients thrive and draw customers from all across Corpus Christi with their new signage solutions is what drives us to continue to deliver the best each day.

If you’ve been fruitlessly searching for “ADA signs near you”, look no longer. Whether you’re looking for custom braille signs or ADA bathroom signs, we’re prepared to create something that will exceed your expectations and provide inspiration to your business. And since we’re familiar with all the national to local Corpus Christi regulations on ADA-compliant signage, you can focus on keeping your business growing.

If you’re ready to develop your very own signage solution, please feel welcome to call us today at 361-238-0543 for a free signage consultation.