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What are hanging signs? They are a type of signage attached perpendicularly to a building’s wall to display specific information. Corpus Christi Sign Company hanging signs in Corpus Christi, Texas, will help your business brand to stand out and get noticed by potential clients. Other uses for hanging signs are to show directions.

After serving several business owners in Corpus Christi, we understand that hanging signs are not only for business identification but also for effective brand building and advertisement. So, our team has put extra effort into giving our customers outstanding experiences.


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Our Types of Hanging Signs

We have various types of hanging signs to give you what suits your customers in Corpus Christi, TX. Here are the most common indoor and outdoor hanging signs we offer:

Acrylic Hanging Signs

Acrylic hanging business signs are the best choice if you want sleek, polished brand and promotional graphics. We provide the best 3D exposure by combining different thicknesses of acrylic into the hanging signs, followed by your preferred color.

Foam Core Ultra Hanging Signs

Do you need indoor hanging signs? Foam core ultra signs will make the best brand exposure and clearly direct your clients to the different rooms on your premises. We coat each sheet with thin, stable, and smooth plastic material that is scratch resistant.

PVC Hanging Signs

We do not recommend PVC hanging signs for the exterior because of the light materials that can easily degrade with harsh weather. However, they are the best ceiling-hanging signs for business interiors.

Banner Hanging Signs

Banner hanging signs are easy to install because they are lightweight. Additionally, you can store and reuse them many times. We use durable banner material with vibrant colors and text size, according to your recommendations.

Engraved Hanging Signs

Are you looking for general business and brand promotion? Our engraved hanging signs give you an option of different materials like metals, acrylic, and plastic. We also customize the signs to match your business colors.

HDU Hanging Signs

HDU hanging signs will give your business’s appearance a special look with a wooden surface. The more interesting thing is that we have dealt with the weathering issue. We provide options like wood grain, wooden pebbles, and Venetian finish to attract all of your potential clients’ attention.

Wooden Hanging Signs

We offer durable sand-blasted wooden hanging signs that provide natural beauty and brand exposure. We customize the signs with a unique look and finish according to your desires.

Aluminum Hanging Signs

Aluminum is well known for its corrosion-resistant property. And we have the best alumalite hanging signs for your business exterior exposure. We offer the sign in different shapes and sizes to ensure that you fully capture the attention of your customers.

Coroplast (Plastic Cardboard) Hanging Signs

Our coroplast signs are best for the interior and exterior. For beauty, we add grommets depending on your business color, and the signs catch much attention. We professionally print our coroplast hanging signs to meet your personal needs and give you a competitive advantage.

Dibond Hanging Signs

Our Dibond hanging signs are made of a plastic core and two aluminum surfaces. They form a lightweight sign with good rigidity.

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