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Top-Quality and Effective Post and Panel Signs in Corpus Christi, TX

Post and panel signs are some of the most versatile and affordable outdoor signage. They promote businesses and brands, and attract existing and potential clients to your business. All the same, your business sign will be more effective when they are designed, manufactured, and installed by an experienced and reliable sign company.

Corpus Christi Sign Company is the leading commercial sign company in Corpus Christi. We can provide custom post and panel signs to meet your business needs and complement your brand. All our business signs are designed with our clients in mind. So, when you choose to partner with us, you can expect top-quality products that capture and maintain your target audience’s attention.


What type of signage are you looking for?

What Is a Post and Panel Sign?

Post and panel signs are an example of free-standing monument signs. They are defined by the two primary components: the post and sign. Generally, the posts hold the panel in place while the panel displays your business message, whether text or graphics. They are economical and use various materials such as metal, wood, vinyl, or aluminum.

The Uses of Post and Panel Signs

Post and panel signs are mostly used in real estate signs. However, these outdoor signs have a wide range of uses and applications. You only need to tell us your needs, preferences, and budget, and then leave the heavy lifting to us. In addition to creating yard signs, post and panel signs can be used to:

  • Provide primary identification
  • Give directions
  • Indicate safety regulations and other details
  • Indicate tenant locations

The Cost of Post and Panel Signs

Various factors affect the overall cost of post and panel signs in Corpus Christi. All those factors, from the smallest to the most pronounced, are crucial when making a proper purchasing decision. Some of these factors include the pole and panel materials, and the size and design of the sign.

The design, manufacturing, and installation complexity also impact the ultimate post and panel installation pricing. Therefore, you should eliminate the guesswork by reaching out to the experts at Corpus Christi Sign Company. We aim to understand your exact needs, requirements, and budgets to ensure that we design and create a post and panel sign that works for you.

Always Choose the Professional Way

Showcase your brand with top-quality, high-impact, and brand-focused post and panel signs from Corpus Christi Sign Company. Trust us to take care of all your signage and graphic project needs to generate and create products that support your business goals and objectives.

If you are looking for post and panel signs near you, you must partner with a reliable signage company. Do not hesitate to contact Corpus Christi Sign Company today!