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Welcome to Corpus Christi Sign Company, the leading wall murals installers in Corpus Christi. You have heard the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, if a simple picture can perfectly tell a story, imagine what top-quality, high-resolution, full-color, extensive business wall murals can do. Wall murals are the cool kids on the block in the business world at the moment. Besides, they are a perfect signature piece of your brand, your business, and provide a perfect way to introduce it to the world. After all, you want a brand that draws the customers’ attention and sticks in their minds for a long time.


What type of signage are you looking for?

What Is a Wall Mural?

Generally, murals are bold signs usually printed on top-quality self-adhesive vinyl and then placed on a wall in a business. These art pieces are a type of self-expression, usually consisting of real-life images or pictures printed on a large scale. They are created for a specific purpose, mostly to communicate an important message that a business wants to convey about its products, services, or terms of operation to the world. The message can be directed to the company’s team, customers, or both.

Types of Wall Murals

Interior Wall Murals

Sometimes, you want to bring your brand story indoors for your team and visitors to enjoy while inside the office. Well, Corpus Christi Sign Company has your back. Our murals are designed with creativity, effectiveness, and durability in mind. We only use top-quality and long-lasting materials to ensure they serve their purpose for years. One of the major advantages of these murals is that they are protected from harsh weather conditions and will last longer.

3D Wall Murals

Generally, a 3D mural refers to a large artwork, photo, or printing wallpaper designed to pop off from the flat wall surface and stand out. These are examples of wallpaper murals that can be made to make a small room appear bigger or add an incredible visual effect to any space. Trust Corpus Christi Sign Company to create and install the perfect 3D wallpapers in Corpus Christi, TX. Every brand has a story to tell. Fortunately, we are capable, willing, coinjoin and delighted to help you tell your story in a unique, creative, and effective style.

Decorative Wall Murals

Sure, murals can serve numerous purposes in your office. However, you can also use them purely for decoration. An elegantly designed mural can be installed to enhance the ambiance of office space, creating a calm, welcoming, and relaxing atmosphere for clients and employees. Some of the best places to install decorative murals in your business include:

  • Lobbies/ Receptions
  • Break Rooms
  • Conference Rooms
  • Waiting Areas

Office Wall Murals

Spice up your office with one of the creatively designed murals from Corpus Christi Sign Company. We boast an extensive collection of office mural ideas and creations designed to make any corporate space look incredible. But that’s not all. We are also the leading experts for custom wall murals in Corpus Christi. Whatever you want, we can design, create, and install based on your needs, preferences, and specifications. We can do everything from office wallpaper, cool patterns, expert writing, and breathtaking ambiance to personalize your space.

Cost of Wall Murals

The pricing of Corpus Christi murals for business will vary depending on various factors. These include the size and texture of the business wall, the quality of the mural, the location, and the job’s complexity. The ultimate pricing will also depend on the exact company handling the project. If you want a quick estimate, please contact us at Corpus Christi Sign Company for a quote.

When you choose Corpus Christi Sign Company, you are choosing nothing short of experience, expertise, a clean track record, and quick turnaround times. Trust us for outstanding murals that will set your business apart from your competitors. If you are looking for wall mural installers near you, do not hesitate to contact us today.