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So, you want to attract more people passing near your store or driving on the freeway. Pylon signs, also known as pole signs, are the perfect option for you. The signs are among the best attention-grabbers that will enhance the visibility of your business, especially if it is situated in a hidden space or surrounded by many other companies.

Generally, pylon signs are firmly anchored on the ground, usually in a different location than the exact site being advertised. For instance, it might be located near the establishment’s parking lot entrance or at the street corner close to your business.

Welcome to Corpus Christi Sign Company, your home of top-quality and effective pylon signs in Corpus Christi, TX. If you are looking for signage that can be noticed from miles away and help your brand stand out, we have your back. You will have a team of highly-trained and experienced experts, ready and willing to work with you, analyze, choose, design, and manufacture the best pylon signs for your Corpus Christi business.


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What Is a Pylon Sign?

A pylon sign, also known as a pole sign, is a tall free-standing structure usually supported by one or two poles. They are usually made with a steel or aluminum frame with a flexible or sometimes rigid face. These outdoor signs are often located at the side of the street or road, creatively displaying your business message at eye level. Your business message can be displayed on either or both signs.

The Uses of Pylon Signs

Some organizations choose pylon signs since they are simply looking for a good-looking option, while for others, these business signs are a necessity. If your business is located on the roadsides or highways, or is surrounded by numerous other companies, you might need pylon signs to stand out. This is a perfect way of reminding passersby and motorists of various products and services they might have needed, but was not in their mind. They are an effective, appealing, customizable, and cost-efficient way of enhancing your brand visibility.

Other uses of pylon signs include:

  • Display the name, location, and address of your business
  • Identify the tenants in a specific location
  • Identify the facility owner or management

The Cost of Pylon Signs

The average cost of a pylon sign in Corpus Christi can range from as low as $8000 to as high as $200,000. The price might even be higher or lower depending on various factors. These include the nature of the signs, the materials used, and the complexity of design, manufacturing, and installation. The only way to get an accurate figure is by contacting us. Our seasoned specialists will help you identify the best sign that fits your needs and budget.

Why Choose Corpus Christi Sign Company?

Pylon signs are among the best and most effective outdoor commercial signs in Corpus Christi. They offer the best visibility, making it easy for people to notice your business even from a distance. Corpus Christi Sign Company believe in listening to our clients, understanding their needs and expectations, and offering the best signage solutions.

We are a one-stop shop for all your Corpus Christi business signage needs. We will help you spread your brand awareness, attract massive attention, establish your brand identity, and make the best of your investment. If you are looking for pylon signs near you, we are only one call away.