Custom Building Signs for Businesses

What Are Building Signs?

Business owners put up building signs to convey specific information in and around their properties. Building signs usually involve text and symbols. The various classifications of building signage depend on the information you want to convey.


What type of signage are you looking for?

The Types of Commercial Building Signs

The use of signage in buildings is critical, especially if you want to pass on specific information about your business. The different types of building signs vary depending on what information you want to convey. For example, safety signage is mandatory in eliminating health and safety risks identified in your business environment. Safety sign design and specifications vary and may include: warning signs, prohibition signs, emergency signs, and fire safety signs.

Other types of building signs in Corpus Christi include identification and wayfinding signage that help others locate your building. These signs usually use the building’s name or street number to make it easier to locate the building. Internal identification and wayfinding signage can promote easier navigation in large complex buildings.

Assessing the specific uses of building signs to determine their relevance in your business is critical. The right building signage can create a positive impression of your business’s corporate image and thus invite potential customers to visit.

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